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Skin Tightening Specialist

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With advancing age, your skin is likely to become looser and start to sag and wrinkle. If you’re looking for a way to treat loose, sagging skin without surgery, the experienced dermatologists at Aesthetic and Clinical Dermatology Associates can help. At their offices in Hinsdale and Saint Charles, Illinois, they offer state-of-the-art BTL® Industries’ Exilis® skin tightening that safely rejuvenates your skin. To benefit from the team’s expertise, call the office nearest you today or request an appointment online.

Skin Tightening Q & A

What is skin tightening?

Skin tightening is a cosmetic treatment for loose, sagging skin and the wrinkles, lines, and hollows that become more common as you age. Skin tightening can also make a significant difference in improving your appearance if you’ve lost a lot of weight. It helps reduce cellulite.

As you age, your skin gets thinner, losing its youthful tightness. One of the leading causes of aging skin is a lack of collagen and elastin, proteins that keep your skin firm and young-looking.

Collagen and elastin levels drop as you get older, especially after menopause in women, due to the natural loss of estrogen. Without collagen, your skin sags and thins, developing fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, and areas of loose or hanging skin.

You could have a face-lift to treat these problems. However, skin tightening gives you great results without the risks, pain, and lengthy recovery involved with face-lift surgery.

How does skin tightening work?

The team at Aesthetic and Clinical Dermatology Associates uses the Exilis system for their skin tightening treatments.

Exilis uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and ultrasound to heat your skin and tissues. The heat triggers a process called fat lipolysis, which means the fat cells start breaking down.

Exilis also stimulates the production of new collagen by causing just enough damage to your skin to jump-start your body’s healing processes. The heat also causes your skin to contract, which makes it instantly tighter. These actions result in firmer skin that has a better texture.

What happens at a skin tightening treatment session?

The team at Aesthetic and Clinical Dermatology Associates does skin tightening treatments in their offices for your convenience. You won’t need any anesthetic. The procedure can take up to an hour, depending on your requirements.

As the treatment begins, you might feel some warmth on your skin, but the Exilis device has built-in heat sensors to ensure that your skin doesn’t get too hot. Your skin could be a little red after skin tightening, but this should fade within a day or so.

You don’t need to rest after your treatment. Just continue with your day as you would normally. You should see an immediate improvement as your skin contracts, but the full effects can take several months.

To find out how skin tightening can make you look and feel younger, call Aesthetic and Clinical Dermatology Associates today or request an appointment online.